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RSS Reader 3.0

Queries other RSS servers and retrieves the news
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Connects to the defined RSS URLs in the database and queries them for latest changes and news. Stores the data on the device and issues updates per user's request. Parses and browses the RSS feeds and their headers and supports the ISO8859_1, Windows-1252, UTF-8, and UTF-16 encoding.

The free RSS feed reader is an J2ME MIDP application for cell phones/mobiles that is able to read most RSS servers/feed versions. RSS is a lightweight XML format designed for sharing headlines and other content like blogs and news. Data is stored on the device and updated on request. This uses the internet which service providers charge extra for, so you would best get an unlimited data from your service provider. This should work with most recent devices as they have MIDP 2.0. If it does not work, use the midp10_... version which is for older versions. This is licensed under GPL. Source code authored by Tommi Laukkanen is at Application features: Add RSS feed bookmarks Parse RSS feeds Browse RSS feed headers Read topics Read all unread topics Supports ISO8859_1, windows-1252, UTF-8 , and UTF-16 Import and synchronize RSS feed lists using formats and filter feeds based on name and URL OPML Line by line HTML hyperlinks Update all/updated feeds with single command Open item link or enclosure in device browser (Only on version midp20_ for MIDP 2.0 on most recent phones starting a yr ago)

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